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thinging about pizza

Hi!  My friends call me Sashi. 

I’m an artist at heart but get my paycheck by working full-time in a job I tolerate in  corporate America (for now).  I have lived just outside of Atlanta since 2004, moving here from Minnesota where I was born and raised.  Before I moved here, the furthest south and the furthest east I had ever been was Chicago.  I’ve never been much of a traveler.  It wasn’t as big of a culture shock as I expected, thankfully.  Now I live here with my 2 cats and my best friend, Mr. Onion-hater.

In 2012, I was officially diagnosed with an “undefined intolerance to processed foods.”  I know, very medical.  Simply put, eating processed foods makes my stomach hurt.  A lot.  We’ve been unable to identify what exactly is causing the pain, but I am fine when I avoid pretty much anything an 8-year-old can’t pronounce.  This intolerance has been a silver lining, though.  I’ve learned a lot about the things that are in most of the food at the grocery store and I’m actually quite glad that I can’t eat them.   I have a renewed love for cooking as well and am rediscovering how delicious food, REAL food, really is.  And since cooking had to change for me, I began figuring out ways to cook delicious meals without spending hours upon hours in the kitchen every night after working all day.  With a little planning, it’s actually much easier than you may think.

My aim for this site is to show you recipes that will take about the amount of time it takes to order pizza (45 minutes or less) and will take even less time than going out to eat.  It’s also better for your budget!  Sure, fast food on the way home is easier and cheaper if you order from the $1 menu, but it’s really not good for anyone and should only be a “sometimes food” compared to every night.  But that’s something I know you already know, even if you don’t want to admit it. 🙂

pizza ring
Pizza ring made by me. I *love* this food group. 😉

Please note:

This is not a “health food” website, but the foods I want to share with you are not bad for you, especially if you practice portion control.  I fully believe that you can balance indulgent, delicious foods with being healthy on even a day-by-day basis.  You will find no sugar or fat substitutes here.  I use sugar and cook with real butter from time to time.  I am not gluten-free, dairy-free, or meat-free so my recipes may include all of the above.  There are plenty of other sites devoted to those food allergies and intolerances.  And while my “undefined intolerance” to processed foods prevents me from certain convenience items (like store-bought bread), I will not preach that you should make your own hamburger buns, too.  Though I do plan to show you how!

For the butter and sugar haters out there:

I’ve lost over 65 pounds just switching my diet over to real food and avoiding their chemical-laden low-calorie counterparts.  I did not watch calories, carb or fat intake or restrict myself from eating what I wanted until I was satisfied.  My blood pressure and cholesterol levels went from borderline to normal and even my hereditary Type 2 diabetes is very well-managed (my last a1c was 5.3 and I’m down to only a half dose of 1 medication from having had to take 3 for the past 12 years).  And all I’ve done is cut out processed food.

I spend a lot of my time cooking, drawing, crafting, watching Netflix, reading cookbooks, spending time with family and friends, reading cooking and crafting blogs, and sewing.  I am practically obsessed with cookbooks, cooking magazines, office supplies, glittery skulls, Sharpies, kitchen gadgets, Sprite Zero, cute but creepy jewelry, and toys.  My hair has been black and pink since 2006 and I have no plans to change that any time soon even if some people think I am too old.  And yes, I do realize that my obsession with Sprite Zero is counter-intuitive to the whole “no processed foods” thing I need to follow but as long as I sip and don’t gulp, I’m okay.  It’s my guilty pleasure.   😉

Dollhouse-sized omelette
Dollhouse-sized breakfast made by me

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