Chicken Ranch Lasagna

Shredded chicken, a white cheese sauce with ranch seasonings, and lots of veggies?  Oh, yes, please!   Mr. O was nice and is helping me out a bit again this week.  I got the idea for this while trying to put together a meal using as much as possible from the pantry and freezer.  All I had to buy was milk and mushrooms.  Yay for … Continue reading Chicken Ranch Lasagna

Tamale Casserole

The flavors of tamales without all the work – a perfect weeknight meal!   Happy Secret Recipe reveal day! This month I was assigned the blog Tea and Scones.  Not only will you find lots of delicious scone recipes there but there are lots of other baked good recipes along with other adventures with different cooking/baking groups and review of recipes from a variety of … Continue reading Tamale Casserole

Italian Zucchini & Tomatoes

My favorite summer vegetables come together again in the slow cooker, this time with an Italian flair and lots of cheese!   I think I could eat zucchini with tomatoes just about every day, especially since cooking them in the slow cooker makes it such an easy and inexpensive side dish.  Using a mandolin makes slicing the zucchini go a lot more quickly; I got … Continue reading Italian Zucchini & Tomatoes

Oven Roasted Tomato Pizza

Fresh tomatoes are roasted and blended for an amazing sauce on a simple pizza. Happy Secret Recipe Day!  This month I was assigned Catherine’s Living The Gourmet which she and her kids have been doing since 2008.  I really enjoyed the photography quite a bit on LTG!  I ultimately decided on doing the Oven Roasted Tomato Pizza for a number of reasons: 1) it’s been … Continue reading Oven Roasted Tomato Pizza

Enchilada Nachos

The flavor of enchiladas served nacho-style… it’s a Tex-Mex/Tex-Mex infusion! 🙂   I am really super ready for summer to be over.  Unfortunately, however, I live in the south where summer lasts from March though October so I’ve got a while for this heat wave to pass.  Because our electric company raises their rates in the summer and because I am in an older apartment … Continue reading Enchilada Nachos

Provencal Vegetable Casserole (slow cooker)

Summer vegetables are layered in a slow cooker with just a little seasoning and a bit of Parmesan as a satisfying side or filling vegetarian entree that doesn’t heat up your kitchen.   When I bought my veggies for the ratatouille I showed you on Monday, I may have been so excited by the cheap prices that I may have purchased more than I really … Continue reading Provencal Vegetable Casserole (slow cooker)

Ratatouille (from the slow cooker)

Ratatouille is a simple summer dish with a fancy name made even easier using the slow cooker!   In the spirit of honesty, I never had ratatouille before I made this but I knew I would love it because it already had 3 of my favorite vegetables in it: tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant.  And since they are all in season and super cheap in the … Continue reading Ratatouille (from the slow cooker)

Black-Eyed Pea Salad

This no-cook Southern salad can be prepped ahead of time for a quick side dish or vegetarian entrée that is perfect for nights when you want to keep your kitchen cool.   Before I moved to the South, I don’t know that I’d ever seen a black-eyed pea.  When I first saw them in the grocery store, I honestly didn’t give them much consideration since … Continue reading Black-Eyed Pea Salad

Baked Spanish Rice

Rice baked in a sauce make of fresh vegetables and herbs comes together quickly then bakes for an hour giving you a delicious, hands’ off side dish.   If you’d have asked me a few weeks week ago if I liked Spanish rice, I would have given you a fervent “Nuh-uh!”  When I was growing up, my mom would occasionally make roasted green pepper stuffed … Continue reading Baked Spanish Rice

Tomato & Mushroom Risotto (+ a giveaway!)

Many risotto recipes require 25-30 minutes of constant stirring.  This recipe which is full of tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh basil uses a more hands-off approach and still yields wonderfully creamy results!   I know this will seem weird since I’m not a fan of most rice dishes but I loooove a good risotto, specifically tomato-based risotto dishes.  There’s a local pizza place that has okay-at-best … Continue reading Tomato & Mushroom Risotto (+ a giveaway!)