Chicken Ranch Lasagna

Shredded chicken, a white cheese sauce with ranch seasonings, and lots of veggies?  Oh, yes, please!   Mr. O was nice and is helping me out a bit again this week.  I got the idea for this while trying to put together a meal using as much as possible from the pantry and freezer.  All I had to buy was milk and mushrooms.  Yay for … Continue reading Chicken Ranch Lasagna

Tomato & Mushroom Risotto (+ a giveaway!)

Many risotto recipes require 25-30 minutes of constant stirring.  This recipe which is full of tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh basil uses a more hands-off approach and still yields wonderfully creamy results!   I know this will seem weird since I’m not a fan of most rice dishes but I loooove a good risotto, specifically tomato-based risotto dishes.  There’s a local pizza place that has okay-at-best … Continue reading Tomato & Mushroom Risotto (+ a giveaway!)

Cheesy Penne with Chicken and Bacon

Penne pasta, 3 kinds of cheese, chicken, vegetable and, of course, bacon in a satisfying casserole that can be made a day ahead then baked the next for a quick dinner on the go!   With these long days that I am working now, I am still trying to find quick, easy meals that don’t leave me eating dinner at 9:00pm but I want to … Continue reading Cheesy Penne with Chicken and Bacon

Smothered Chicken (inspired by Alice Springs Chicken from Outback Steakhouse)

Chicken breasts browned in bacon grease then smothered with honey mustard sauce, mushrooms, bacon and cheese… healthy?  Maybe not.  Delicious?  Absolutely!   I’ve only been to Outback Steakhouse a handful of times and the last time was probably 10 years ago but I still have fond memories of their Alice Springs Chicken: chicken topped with mushrooms, bacon, cheese and honey mustard.  Sounds wonderful, right? I … Continue reading Smothered Chicken (inspired by Alice Springs Chicken from Outback Steakhouse)

Rustic Mushroom Tart

Pie crust + mushrooms + seasoning + cheese = a super simple dish that can be baked and served at room temperature.  A perfect holiday side dish!   Several years ago, I went through a phase where I was completely enthralled with Medieval cooking.  Medieval cooks were quite creative and spent a lot more time cooking than we do, so it makes sense that they’d … Continue reading Rustic Mushroom Tart

Crispy Baked Mushrooms

Whole button mushrooms are coated with lots of herbs and panko then baked for a healthy crunchy alternative to fried mushrooms.   Back in my vegetarian days, I absolutely fell in love with mushrooms.  They were hearty and even meaty plus they would take on the flavors of whatever sauce they were in.  Mushrooms played a huge role in my diet. I still love ’em, … Continue reading Crispy Baked Mushrooms

Mushroom & Bacon Pizza with reduced balsamic

Bacon.  Mushrooms cooked in bacon grease and butter.  Cheese.  Balsamic vinegar reduced to a syrup.  Life really doesn’t get much better than that, in my opinion.   I have been having so much fun during my short stint so far with the Secret Recipe Club.  As a quick recap of how it works, members are assigned the blog of another member and we then choose … Continue reading Mushroom & Bacon Pizza with reduced balsamic

Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing (Bacon Week #2)

After this past week of decadent bacon foods, I really felt like we needed some greens.  After all, a girl can’t live on bacon alone.  Sadly. 😉 Spinach salads with warm bacon dressing are definitely nothing new, especially here in the South.  In fact, the first one I ever had was at Copelands.  The dressing was tangy, salty and warm which means the spinach was … Continue reading Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing (Bacon Week #2)

Spinach & Mushroom Calzone

After posting the sinfully decadent cheesy stuffed bread a couple of weeks ago, my mind has been ablaze with other things I could do with that.  Then I smacked myself upside the head when it dawned on me: I could make calzones! I have no idea why, with my pizza loving ways, that this had NOT occurred to me before now.  It uses all the … Continue reading Spinach & Mushroom Calzone