Hello, all!  I’m taking a much needed mini break but never fear!  Mr. O has something he wants to say. 🙂   Hey all!  Slight interruption to your regularly scheduled blog.  Sashi has given me, Mr. Onion-Hater, this space to talk about something near and dear to my heart. Pork. Some of you may have noticed that we eat a lot of pork in our … Continue reading Porkapalooza!

Hawaiian Pulled Pork

Another delicious pulled pork recipe but this time it’s cooked with slightly tropical flavors and topped with a sweet & spicy sauce!   One of the many great thing about living in the South is pork is abundant and inexpensive.  Maybe it is in the North as well but I haven’t lived there in 11 years.  Huh… 11 years ago today as it happens.  Happy … Continue reading Hawaiian Pulled Pork

Pork & Pepper Burgers (with Honey-Mustard Sauce)

Simple seasoned pork patties topped with seared sweet red pepper strips and creamy honey mustard sauce make for a quick weeknight dinner!   HAPPY LABOR DAY! I hope you are one of the lucky ones who actually got today off from work since the day is, you know, a tribute to the workers who have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.  … Continue reading Pork & Pepper Burgers (with Honey-Mustard Sauce)

Asian Pork Sandwich

Sweet & salty marinated pork, tangy quick-pickle slices, savory mayo and fresh cilantro are sandwiched between a soft hoagie roll to make a bite that satisfies all your taste buds.   Have you ever had a sandwich where you take one bite, chew just a couple of times and stop with your eyes rolled back into your head and just sigh happily with a long … Continue reading Asian Pork Sandwich

Black Bean Burger with Pepper Jack

Mashed black beans and cheese coated with panko breadcrumbs make for a perfect vegetarian alternative for a hamburger.  Don’t want spicy?  Just substitute your favorite cheese for the pepper jack.   I know that this will come as a surprise to a lot of people but I actually used to be a vegetarian.  I was vegetarian for about 2 years when I was in my … Continue reading Black Bean Burger with Pepper Jack

Not-a-Reuben, or the Reuben-esque, Sandwich

Lean roast beef, Swiss cheese, shredded cabbage, and homemade sauce on rye bread come together for a lightened version of a classic Reuben sandwich. I love messy food and that’s one of the many aspects about a Reuben that I enjoy.  It’s the kind of sandwich that once you pick it up, you really can’t put it down again.  It’s not until the last tangy … Continue reading Not-a-Reuben, or the Reuben-esque, Sandwich

Caesar Burger

Like a Caesar salad on a bun but way, way better!  Lean ground beef is seasoned with Parmesan, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce then cooked and served on a bed of lettuce tossed with a homemade cream Caesar sauce and topped with more of the delicious sauce, all on a crouton-style bun!   Back when I had my old position at work, I was able to … Continue reading Caesar Burger

Picnic Fare: 15 Picnic-Friendly Recipes

After talking about salads and picnics on Monday, I want to go on a picnic even more so than ever.  There’s a state park not too far from where I live called Sweetwater Creek that has nice pavilions that I like to go to.  Yeah, there are parks within Atlanta proper as well but I’m not a fan of the traffic I have to fight … Continue reading Picnic Fare: 15 Picnic-Friendly Recipes

Chicken Jalapeno Popper Sliders & Maple Jalapeno Sour Cream Sauce

A beloved appetizer gets changed up to become a delicious hot sandwich that can be prepared ahead of time.  It’s even a great way to use up leftover chicken!  Plus, for an extra meal time treat, mix up a sweet-spicy-creamy sauce for your fries. A couple of months ago, Mr. O and I decided to start having what we call “family dinner” with our best … Continue reading Chicken Jalapeno Popper Sliders & Maple Jalapeno Sour Cream Sauce