Snickerdoodle Apple Bread

Happy Secret Recipe Club Reveal Day! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since last month… I’m sorry about that.  There will be a future post about all that has been going on but that will be later because I need to tell you more about my assignment for this month! I was assigned Amy’s blog, The Savvy Kitchen.  She is a beautiful lady with an … Continue reading Snickerdoodle Apple Bread

Strawberry Jam Cinnamon Muffins

Happy Secret Recipe Day! For January, I was assigned Jamie’s blog, Our Eating Habits, which made me happy because her blog seems to have a little of everything so it was really just trying to figure out what type of thing I wanted to make and then choosing from there.  Because she has so many baked goods, I decided I need to go that route … Continue reading Strawberry Jam Cinnamon Muffins

Banana Blondies

If you love bananas and all banana related food, these bars are for you!  There is no mistaking the main ingredient in this deliciously moist baked treat.   Happy Secret Recipe reveal day! This month, I was assigned the Sara’s delectable blog Cook with Sara.  She is definitely more of a baker than I am but she also had so many delicious recipes that would … Continue reading Banana Blondies

Chocolate Chip Bread #Choctoberfest

A fluffy vanilla bread with chocolate chips… it’s like a cookie and cake in one! I don’t think I’ve ever had so many baked goods in my place at once with the exception of the holidays.  But #Choctoberfest from The PinterTest Kitchen and Imperial Sugar as certainly made it feel like a holiday.  And I’m more than okay with that! Winners are being chosen on … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Bread #Choctoberfest

Chocolaty Peanut Granola Bars #Choctoberfest

Chocolaty and chewy without being overly sweet… it’s hard to decide if these are junk food or a decadent healthy snack!   Granola bars are something I’ve toyed with making for a while now so when the #Chocotober event came along, I figured this would be the perfect time to give them a try! The peanuts and peanut butter give a nice dose of protein … Continue reading Chocolaty Peanut Granola Bars #Choctoberfest

Mexican Chocolate Bread + #Choctoberfest Giveaway

Cinnamon and hint of ancho chile powder give this dark chocolate dessert bread a rich warmth.  Serve it with vanilla bean ice cream for an even more decadent treat! I am taking part this week in a fun blogging event from The PinterTest Kitchen called Choctoberfest sponsored by Imperial Sugar  Below is more information about this event with my first recipe for the week to … Continue reading Mexican Chocolate Bread + #Choctoberfest Giveaway

Watermelon & Mint Smoothie

So cool and refreshing, mint brings just a little extra something to this cool watermelon beverage.   Happy Secret Recipe Club reveal day!  This month I was assigned Nayna’s blog,  Nayna is “a ‘homecook’ without culinary school training striving to make [her] dishes feel complete without being complicated. ”  She is also a vegetarian in the UK who was actually assigned my blog back … Continue reading Watermelon & Mint Smoothie

Strawberry, Tangerine, & Brown Rice Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit, brown rice, and a dressing sweetened with just a touch of honey come together for a healthy side that’s pleasantly perfect for picnics or potlucks.   I remember going to family reunions and big potlucks as a kid and someone would always bring a fruit salad.  I’m not talking about a bowl of mixed fruit but that cloying confectioners’ concoction  of rice, marshmallows, … Continue reading Strawberry, Tangerine, & Brown Rice Fruit Salad

Lemon Olive Oil Chocolate Banana Bread

Olive oil and lemon zest plus dark chocolate add an amazing richness to ordinary banana bread.   Happy Secret Recipe Club reveal day! This month I was assigned Little Bit of Everything, a blog run by Julie who has been blogging for the past 6 years from Nebraska.  I almost made her slow cooker French Onion soup but decided that wouldn’t be a very nice … Continue reading Lemon Olive Oil Chocolate Banana Bread