Beefy Cheesy Chicken w/ Bacon & Peppers

Want something absolutely delicious and comforting but you won’t care after the first bite that it’s maybe not the healthiest choice?  Then read on!   I woke up the other morning with a massive headache.  My head was on my pillow in a strange position and I knew the moment I woke up that movement was going to be bad.  As soon as I straightened … Continue reading Beefy Cheesy Chicken w/ Bacon & Peppers

Chipotle BBQ Pizza with Bacon & Pineapple

Crispy crust topped with spicy BBQ sauce, lots of ooey gooey cheese, sweet tart pineapple and salty bacon… better make 2 because everyone will want some of this!   Holy chipotle!  Can you believe I haven’t had a pizza recipe on the site since October??  That just doesn’t seem right.  Yeah, yeah, never mind the hiatus.  It’s still been too long since I posted a … Continue reading Chipotle BBQ Pizza with Bacon & Pineapple

10 Easy Appetizers & Snacks

I sometimes joke that my favorite holiday meal is Thanksgiving through New Year.  With the various parties and meals with friends, it’s definitely a season worth adding a couple of extra pounds.  I do not worry as much about eating properly during the holidays.  I just try to take care to not overindulge at every single party or gathering.  The emphasis is on TRY. With … Continue reading 10 Easy Appetizers & Snacks

10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

While many go on and on and obsess over the turkey for Thanksgiving Day, for me it’s all about the sides.  Don’t get me wrong, I love turkey and look forward to Turkey Day but my plate gets loaded up with all the starchy, fatty sides that make me happy to wear stretchy pants. If you don’t have your menu planned yet, here are some … Continue reading 10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Hoisin Pork Egg Rolls

Although they are a little time consuming, homemade egg rolls are not difficult and can be customized to suit whatever flavor profile you want.  They can be baked but even when pan fried, they are not as fattening as you might think.  These are just a simple mix of ground pork, shredded cabbage, carrot and homemade hoisin sauce.  Yum! I love egg rolls.  Not just … Continue reading Hoisin Pork Egg Rolls

Halloween: Baby Arms

Macabre food at Halloween doesn’t have to be difficult but it can certainly be tasty!  Baby arms are yet another deliciously gruesome way to shock your guests during this most joyous of holidays. ———————————————- In the course of my life, I have witnessed many women squeal over the sight of a pudgy baby and say, with abandonment to the infant, “I could just eat you … Continue reading Halloween: Baby Arms

Asian Pulled Pork

A surprising combination of apple butter, orange juice, and soy sauce with homemade Asian 5-spice create a slow cooker pulled pork that is absolutely amazing.  Serve it over rice or as sandwiches on sweet Hawaiian rolls. ————————————– We are finally starting to get cool weather here in Atlanta.  This makes me SO happy!  I’m still a northern girl with northern blood.  Even after 10 years, … Continue reading Asian Pulled Pork

Italian Mac & Cheese (+ a giveaway)

Italian macaroni and cheese is a wonderful cross between ooey, gooey mac & cheese and a tangy tomato pasta dish.  It’s more than just a pasta dish with lots of cheese and more than a mac & cheese with Italian sausage and tomatoes.  Here you get the best of BOTH worlds! After making the chili mac & cheese for the SRC post a couple of … Continue reading Italian Mac & Cheese (+ a giveaway)