Chicken Ranch Lasagna

Shredded chicken, a white cheese sauce with ranch seasonings, and lots of veggies?  Oh, yes, please!   Mr. O was nice and is helping me out a bit again this week.  I got the idea for this while trying to put together a meal using as much as possible from the pantry and freezer.  All I had to buy was milk and mushrooms.  Yay for … Continue reading Chicken Ranch Lasagna

Chicken Noodle Soup (Made from scratch!)

When it comes to simple, healthy AND comforting, soup is a go-to for a lot of people.  Here, the broth is made while cooking the chicken so no worries about the high sodium you get in the canned versions.   Remember when I told you about the amazing deal I got on some whole chickens?  This is what I did with the other one that … Continue reading Chicken Noodle Soup (Made from scratch!)

Shredded Chicken with Tomato & Jalapeno

Let your slow cooker do the work for a delicious shredded chicken cooked with tomatoes and fresh jalapenos.   Question: what do you do when you see a really good deal on something at the grocery store that you are buying anyway?  Do you buy a one or two more?  Or do you buy as much as you can afford because it is such a … Continue reading Shredded Chicken with Tomato & Jalapeno

Honey & Lime Glazed Chicken

Chicken is marinated in a sweet and tangy sauce which is then cooked and reduced to a glaze for the chicken while it roasts in the oven. _______________________ One of the problems with a good deal on food in bulk is that it can be easy to get burnt out on said food.  That’s one of the issues I’ve been running into with the chicken … Continue reading Honey & Lime Glazed Chicken

Caribbean Chicken Tacos

Pineapple, red pepper and lots of spices come together with chicken in the slow cooker for a simple but stunning summer supper.   I don’t know about the rest of my Southern neighbors but I am very much ready for summer/summer weather to be over with.  Sure, the nights are starting to cool down but the days are still an inferno that turn my apartment … Continue reading Caribbean Chicken Tacos

Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken with Pineapple

Whether you heat up the kitchen with the broiler or brave the outside heat with the grill, this sweet and slightly spicy chicken comes together quickly!   Some days, I really wish I owned a grill.  Pulling into the parking lot of my apartment complex, I am more and more often being greeted by the smell of charred meat and charcoal which goes well with … Continue reading Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken with Pineapple

Magic Chicken

Plain ol’ boneless, skinless chicken breast will disappear like magic when cooked in an amazing sauce made of oil, herbs and paprika.   Because of my job and long hours, I rarely get to randomly peruse the internet anymore.  We had a rare stretch recently where we were really slow, though, so I was able to get caught up on what I call “homework.”  That … Continue reading Magic Chicken

Citrus Soy Chicken

Another slow cooker wonder!  A sauce made of sweet chile sauce, low sodium soy sauce, and lots of yummy citrus coats and flavors skinless chicken quarters while the slow cooker does most of the work. Since the heat here in Atlanta doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon, I am definitely turning to my slow cooker as much as I possibly can.  I … Continue reading Citrus Soy Chicken

Chicken, Cheese, & Chile Enchiladas

Chicken, cheese and chiles… cha cha cha!  Don’t have chicken cooked already?  Just sprinkle a couple chicken breasts with salt, pepper, garlic, cumin and chili powder and bake at 400º for 20 mins.   The apartment complex that I live in is primarily Hispanic.  In fact, when we get notices from the office, they are in Spanish with the English translation on the back.  Being … Continue reading Chicken, Cheese, & Chile Enchiladas

Jalapeno Chicken with Bacon

Your slow cooker does most of the work with the chicken while cream cheese melted into the juices at the end create a fast and amazing sauce.  And don’t scared of the jalapenos!  This is only as spicy as the ones you use.   As I was scooping the jalapenos out of their jar to make this, I thought of meal times we had when … Continue reading Jalapeno Chicken with Bacon