Patatas Alioli aka Aioli Potatoes

Potatoes are roasted for a slight twist on this Spanish side dish or tapas where cooled potatoes, which are traditionally boiled, are tossed with homemade aioli.   Happy Secret Recipe Day! This month I was assigned Manu’s Menu which made me excited.  I already had a ton of her recipes in my Recipes to Try notebook and that was before I even knew she was … Continue reading Patatas Alioli aka Aioli Potatoes


Hello, all!  I’m taking a much needed mini break but never fear!  Mr. O has something he wants to say. 🙂   Hey all!  Slight interruption to your regularly scheduled blog.  Sashi has given me, Mr. Onion-Hater, this space to talk about something near and dear to my heart. Pork. Some of you may have noticed that we eat a lot of pork in our … Continue reading Porkapalooza!

Jalapeno Popper Dip

With all the ingredients of jalapeno poppers, this dip is a fun and fast way to serve a crowd!   Happy Secret Recipe Bonus Day!  In months where there are 5 Mondays instead of the usual 4, the Secret Recipe Club has decided to do an optional theme day for anyone who wants to take part.  This is the first one with “Tailgating” as the … Continue reading Jalapeno Popper Dip

Picnic Fare: 15 Picnic-Friendly Recipes

After talking about salads and picnics on Monday, I want to go on a picnic even more so than ever.  There’s a state park not too far from where I live called Sweetwater Creek that has nice pavilions that I like to go to.  Yeah, there are parks within Atlanta proper as well but I’m not a fan of the traffic I have to fight … Continue reading Picnic Fare: 15 Picnic-Friendly Recipes

Black Bean Dip & Fresh Herb Salsa

Party foods like this bean dip and herby salsa are healthy but don’t taste that way!  These 2 are even vegan friendly so everyone at the party can enjoy them. A couple of weeks ago, the folks at Food Should Taste Good hosted a brunch for bloggers featuring brunch recipes using their chips.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but they were nice enough to … Continue reading Black Bean Dip & Fresh Herb Salsa

10 Easy Appetizers & Snacks

I sometimes joke that my favorite holiday meal is Thanksgiving through New Year.  With the various parties and meals with friends, it’s definitely a season worth adding a couple of extra pounds.  I do not worry as much about eating properly during the holidays.  I just try to take care to not overindulge at every single party or gathering.  The emphasis is on TRY. With … Continue reading 10 Easy Appetizers & Snacks

Crispy Baked Mushrooms

Whole button mushrooms are coated with lots of herbs and panko then baked for a healthy crunchy alternative to fried mushrooms.   Back in my vegetarian days, I absolutely fell in love with mushrooms.  They were hearty and even meaty plus they would take on the flavors of whatever sauce they were in.  Mushrooms played a huge role in my diet. I still love ’em, … Continue reading Crispy Baked Mushrooms

Hoisin Pork Egg Rolls

Although they are a little time consuming, homemade egg rolls are not difficult and can be customized to suit whatever flavor profile you want.  They can be baked but even when pan fried, they are not as fattening as you might think.  These are just a simple mix of ground pork, shredded cabbage, carrot and homemade hoisin sauce.  Yum! I love egg rolls.  Not just … Continue reading Hoisin Pork Egg Rolls

Halloween: Baby Arms

Macabre food at Halloween doesn’t have to be difficult but it can certainly be tasty!  Baby arms are yet another deliciously gruesome way to shock your guests during this most joyous of holidays. ———————————————- In the course of my life, I have witnessed many women squeal over the sight of a pudgy baby and say, with abandonment to the infant, “I could just eat you … Continue reading Halloween: Baby Arms

Cheesy Chipotle Chicken Flautas

Cheesy chipotle chicken (cha-cha-cha)  makes me merrily do a little cha-cha dance with all the amazing alliteration that goes along with it. Cha-cha-cha!  Of course, it’s not uncommon for me to have dance breaks at seemingly strange times but that’s only because others can’t hear the music going on in my head.  But other times, it’s a little more obvious since I’m also singing my … Continue reading Cheesy Chipotle Chicken Flautas