20 Easy Holiday Sides

Just 3 weeks until Thanksgiving!  Are you excited?  I’m excited.  I’m so excited that my menu has been finalized for well over a week, my shopping lists are done, and a few things have even been purchased already.  I’ve even made my chicken stock/broth and it’s in the freezer, ready to go. I’ve been told that I don’t approach my holiday meal the same other … Continue reading 20 Easy Holiday Sides

Enchilada Burgers

The flavors of an enchilada in the convenient hand-held form of a burger!  Just have a few extra napkins on hand.   Good heavens but it has been HOT here in Atlanta lately…hotter than usual!  And it’s only June which means it’s just going to get worse.  Thank goodness for A/C but it’s killing me money-wise even with keeping it set at 78ºF.  My electric … Continue reading Enchilada Burgers

Picnic Fare: 15 Picnic-Friendly Recipes

After talking about salads and picnics on Monday, I want to go on a picnic even more so than ever.  There’s a state park not too far from where I live called Sweetwater Creek that has nice pavilions that I like to go to.  Yeah, there are parks within Atlanta proper as well but I’m not a fan of the traffic I have to fight … Continue reading Picnic Fare: 15 Picnic-Friendly Recipes

Salad Days: 20 Salads and Dressings

Now that Spring has sprung and Summer is practically here in Atlanta, I am craving salads.  Salads are a great week night meal because lettuce salads require little to no cooking and pasta salads can be made ahead for another night.  I love that there are more types of salads that just lettuce or pasta.  Though, just changing the dressing for  basic lettuce salad can … Continue reading Salad Days: 20 Salads and Dressings

10 Easy Appetizers & Snacks

I sometimes joke that my favorite holiday meal is Thanksgiving through New Year.  With the various parties and meals with friends, it’s definitely a season worth adding a couple of extra pounds.  I do not worry as much about eating properly during the holidays.  I just try to take care to not overindulge at every single party or gathering.  The emphasis is on TRY. With … Continue reading 10 Easy Appetizers & Snacks

10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

While many go on and on and obsess over the turkey for Thanksgiving Day, for me it’s all about the sides.  Don’t get me wrong, I love turkey and look forward to Turkey Day but my plate gets loaded up with all the starchy, fatty sides that make me happy to wear stretchy pants. If you don’t have your menu planned yet, here are some … Continue reading 10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

What I’d Feed My Dads: A Virtual Father’s Day Dinner

All of the Dads in my life are really great guys and, sometimes, I swear they read the same book when it comes to “Dad jokes.” Me: “I’m hungry.” Dad: “Nice to meet you, Hungry.” It was funny when I was 3 and makes me groan-giggle now.  But that sense of humor is pinnacle to being a good dad, I think.  Every Dad that I’ve … Continue reading What I’d Feed My Dads: A Virtual Father’s Day Dinner

What I’d feed my Moms: A Virtual Mother’s Day Dinner

I absolutely love living in Atlanta. It’ll be 10 years in September that my husband and I packed all of our belongings and 3 cats into 2 U-Haul trucks and drove the 1,200 miles to start our new life.  After he had been unemployed for 2.5 years (laid off after the airline industry took a dive due to 9/11), we welcomed this new start even … Continue reading What I’d feed my Moms: A Virtual Mother’s Day Dinner

Mother’s Day Brunch Round-up from AFBS (and other news)

I was recently asked to join – and accepted into – the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society which literally made me squeal with delight.  You can even ask my co-worker who looked at me strangely when it happened.   This is a huge deal for me!  It gave me a huge sense of validation, that I must be doing something right. Denise Romeo, president of AFBS and … Continue reading Mother’s Day Brunch Round-up from AFBS (and other news)