Hello, all!  I’m taking a much needed mini break but never fear!  Mr. O has something he wants to say. 🙂


Hey all!  Slight interruption to your regularly scheduled blog.  Sashi has given me, Mr. Onion-Hater, this space to talk about something near and dear to my heart.


Some of you may have noticed that we eat a lot of pork in our household.  It’s probably both of our favorite protein due to both its flavor (duh) as well as its versatility.  Sometimes we’ll have some variation of pork multiple times throughout the work week!  These are good weeks in my books!

I wanted  to take this time to give you all a new look at Sashi’s pork recipes through a new palette and count down for you my top ten pork recipes on this blog!


Number 10: Mexican Pork Stew

This slightly spicy dish caused a bit of ruckus at our place when it was served. Sashi made this wonderful stew and I was convinced that it needed to be served over tostadas. She put hers into a bowl and I put mine over crunchy corn tostadas, we garnished them the same, we tried them both individually, and came to the decision that. . . This stuff is just really tasty regardless of serving options!

Number 9: Tres Cerditos

I like to think of myself as a purist in some ways. Some foods you either do RIGHT or you don’t do at all. So I was a skeptical Onion-Hater when Sashi told me that she wanted to “do a play on Cuban sammiches”. I was more than skeptical some would say. Borderline angry even. Then she told me what she was thinking and changed my mind completely! Hands down a delicious sandwich and a wonderful spin on an old favorite.


Number 8: Hoisin Pulled Pork

This pork dish had me drooling for hours before it was finished cooking. I’ve always been a fan of Sashi’s hoisin sauce, I’m pretty sure it’d make my boots taste awesome in fact, but when you slow cook it with pork and let all the flavors develop over the course of most of a day? Yeah, there’s no way that turns out bad!


Number 7: Bacon Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Revisited

I’m going to selfishly insert myself here and say that this is one recipe that, while it was on her radar for a while, Sashi ended up making because of me. Both versions! My favorite type of cake, when it is called for, is pineapple upside down cake. Has been since I was a wee lad forever ago. And when she’d asked me about maybe making me a birthday cake, I laughingly said bacon-flavored pineapple upside down cake! She didn’t even blink before answering “I can do that!” The rest, as they say, is delicious history!


Number 6: BLT Salad with Chicken

I have a confession to make. I, a confirmed carnivore and manliest of manly men that has ever manned a thing, really love salads. Seriously I do! I know that there are some silly guys out there that want to snicker or giggle at that, but the truth is they’re good food when done right. This salad hits all the right notes of being light, yet filling, creamy yet tart, salty yet savory. This is my go to salad meal in the summer.


Number 5: Omnomnom

I could wax poetic about how addictive this stuff is for a while. I could do that. But, honestly, calling Omnomnom “addictive” would be like calling heroin “habit forming”. The phrase doesn’t do it justice. Hell, you can see my hand in the picture of this post as I’m trying to steal some!


Number 4: Thai-inspired Pork Lettuce Wraps

Sashi eats her food in an order. Meaning all of one thing, than all of the next thing, and so on throughout the meal. Nothing wrong with that. It’s cute, and works for her. My first bite of this dish I forced her to break her pattern and try these Pork Wraps! I couldn’t allow her to wait until she was done with something else on her plate first, she HAD to eat these ASAP! I still feel this strongly about them after the many times we’ve made them. They really are that good.

Chickrn Alambre

Number 3: Chicken Alambre

This is one of those few dishes that I wasn’t sold on until Sashi started cooking it and I could smell it. Now I don’t understand my hesitation! I mean what’s not to love here?! Bacon, Chicken, Cheese, chorizo. Enough said.


Number 2: Slow-Cooker Carnitas

I have a weakness for carnitas. I’ll admit it. They are one of the foods that always sound good to me. Breakfast? Sure! Lunch? Of course! Dinner? Don’t mind if I do! Midnight snack? Obviously! I’m pretty sure that I could figure out a way to snuggle a tortilla or two of them when I sleep as well if I put my mind to it. So when Sashi said she could kill two birds with one stone by fulfilling her Secret Recipe Club assignment AND let me gorge myself on carnitas I was a very happy man. This recipe made her win that month’s SRC.

sweet italian sausage

Number 1: Cheater Cheater!!

I’m going to cheat here a little for my favorite pork dish on this site. I’m going to cheat by picking Sashi’s Sweet Italian Sausage. This stuff is so easy to put together, literally takes me 5 minutes now, and is (in my opinion) some of the most versatile stuff that it just rocks.

Let me state my case here.

Take Sausage & Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers.  By themselves one of the best hand’s on food for appetizers, a passing dish, a potluck, or a tailgate, no question.  They work because of the sausage.

How about the Meatball Subs?  The addition of this sausage brings the ‘balls to a whole new level of flavor!

Sweet Italian sausage can make a so-so pasta dish sing with depths of flavor, make a not so amazing pizza wake up and surprise you, and even make a leftover hash better than the originals it was made out of!

So, sure, it might just be an ingredient in other pork recipes, but there’s no question that her version of sweet Italian sausage is my favorite pork recipe on this site.

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